Friday, February 1, 2013

The snow shoes are lined up on the front porch...

...waiting to be strapped on to hike the Mt. Surprise and Buttonwood trails on Bartlett Mountain.  Bill created a map of the trails which are accessed from the back yard of the Buttonwood Inn.  You can snow shoe for hours exploring the many intersecting trails from the base of Bartlett Mountain to the Ledges. 

The Ledges are more easily accessible in the warmer months because there is a steep climb near the top before reaching them.  The Ledges are flat rock outcroppings where you can take in views of the the Moats, Cathedral Ledge, and the Presidentials.  You can also see the back of The Buttonwood Inn, Route 16/302, and the various properties in North Conway.

Even though the rain last night and the 50 degree weather melted some of the snow, a cold front came through with a return to frigid temperatures through the weekend.  Snow is also predicted for the weekend through early next week, YES!. 

So come on up and play in the snow on the cross-country trails or the alpine trails.  Mother Nature was just teasing us with the warm weather day, so now it's back to silk underwear and fleece to brace against the cold.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Guest Comments Over the Past Year...

4/18/10 - "Snow on our 40th anniversary- so very good we were here to enjoy yyour comfortable hospitality, delicious cookies and breakfasts, and lovely inn.  So very good George found this weekend for us.  Thank you to you both." - Amherst, MA

8/2/10 - "Thank you so much for a wonderf8ul weekend.  You have a beautiful inn.  We enjoyed our time here, making new friends, sitting around the campfire at night...hope to come back again!" - Leominster, MA